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Spinach and feta Greek breakfast pizzas

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Spinach and feta Greek breakfast pizzas

I usually rave about Citrus marmalades and preserves for breakfast but after the holidays, I've needed a bit of a sugar detox so I've been eating more veggie dishes these days. Spinach & feta is one classic Greek combination that's perfect for this time of year - lots of vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants, how can you go wrong?!

Elli & Manos make it even easier to enjoy these flavors with their healthy, all-natural Spinach & Feta Greek Flavor Burst. I don't do well with cow's milk, and avoid consuming most cheeses, but Elli uses only traditional sheep & goat milk feta cheese in her spread, making it perfect for me. This little gem has become my go-to appetizer staple - you've probably seen my recipes for spinach pinwheels and spinach filo shells - and Léonore, our marketing intern, whipped up a lovely light lunch with her French-inspired spinach and feta quiche. 

I like to call this veggie spread "spanakopita in a jar". You can  make your own homemade spanakopita with my mom's recipe, that I shared last New Year's, or you can just buy Elli's spanakopita in a jar and let your imagination run wild. All that got me thinking...why not use my pantry favorite for breakfast, too? So I thought I'd experiment with flatbread and play around...and I have to say, I was pretty pleased with the results! Give it a try yourself and let me know what you think....oh, and this is a perfect "clean out the fridge" dish, too!


Ingredients for spinach and feta Greek pizzas

1 or 2 store-bought flatbreads or your favorite pizza base

A few spoonfuls of Elli & Manos Spinach and Feta Greek Flavor Burst

A few cherry tomatoes, cut in half

Some sliced bella mushrooms

1/4 cup cubed ham or turkey...or not, if you want to go vegetarian

2-3 sliced scallions

A few slices of Tragano Greek Organics roasted Capia peppers

Extra cheese if you like your pizza richer 

2-3 eggs if you want more protein

Make spinach and feta Greek pizzas

Spread a nice thick layer of the spinach and feta spread on your flatbread or pizza base.  

Top with the rest of the ingredients, cracking the eggs if you decide to use them.

Bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.



Why I love Elli!

I knew from the moment I first met Elli Nikolaou that she was a woman after my own heart. She, too, had lived abroad and could relate to my nostalgia for home and the flavors of my childhood. And, like me, she couldn't stand the watered-down versions of our classic Greek flavors that one often finds outside of Greece.  When she showed me her products, she kept talking about how important that first twist of the jar was - the scent that would come had to be truly authentic and intense, just like the cooking we grew up with.

I'm still amazed at how she has managed to keep such intense flavors in a jar. And it really is true - you just have to twist the jar and the smell will take you back to Greece , whether its her veggie spreads like the Spinach & Feta I used above, or the rich tomato-based sauces. Try them for yourself and tell me if I'm wrong!

You can read more about Elli's story in one of my first blog posts and in our Artisans page.

 Buy the Zelos products to make spinach & feta Greek pizza

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