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A lobster kritharoto with a tangerine twist

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A lobster kritharoto with a tangerine twist

This holiday season I want you to meet Zurab and his lobster kritharoto, an elegant recipe that I think you'll love. It is a risotto-like dish, made with Greek orzo and lobster, flavored with Chios' famous tangerine marmalade. I think it makes a wonderful Christmas or New Year's Eve dish!

Ingredients to make Zurab's tangerine-flavored lobster kritharoto 

1 pack Agrozimi orzo (can be made with either the eggs & milk or spelt versions)

2 lbs lobster

6 cups vegetable broth

2-3 scallions

1 white onion

1 clove of garlic

1/2 lb cherry tomatoes

2-3 tbsp Citrus Chian Tangerine Marmalade

1 pinch of saffron (I use Krokos Kozanis)

2-3 spoons of fresh butter to finish 

salt & pepper

Make Zurab's tangerine-flavored lobster kritharoto

Prepare the tomatoes for the lobster kritharoto

Mix the cherry tomatoes with 2-3 tbs of olive oil, salt, pepper and bay leaves. Place in a non-stick pan or parchment paper-lined baking dish and bake at 320 degrees for 30 minutes.

Prepare the seafood for the lobster kritharoto

Fill a pot with water, a generous splash of vinegar, sea salt and a couple bay leaves. Boil the lobster for about 10 minutes. Submerge the cooked lobster into a large bowl of ice water and as soon as it cools off, shell and remove the meat and set aside. 

Prepare the orzo - kritharoto

Chop and sauté the onion in olive oil over medium heat. Add the orzo and garlic and saute for 2-3 minutes. Add the Kozani saffron and sauté for another minute. Add 3/4 of the roasted cherry tomatoes and stir well. Add the vegetable broth cup by cup, stirring well until each cup is absorbed, and remove from the burner when the orzo is cooked al dente (about 10-12 minutes, be careful not to overcook!). Stir in the tangerine jam, butter, fresh pepper.

Serve by placing the orzo on a plate and topping with the lobster and the rest of the roasted cherry tomatoes. Finish with a little mastic-flavored salt or fleur de sel and garnish with fresh aromatic herbs or flowers. Enjoy!

Extra tip: You can substitute the lobster with shrimp or crabmeat or any other seafood of your choice.  


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