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A Mediterranean Thanksgiving!

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A Mediterranean Thanksgiving!

I've always said Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's the ultimate American holiday, one where, like in Greece, food, family & friends are in the spotlight. We celebrate Thanksgiving with friends, having no family in the US, and stick to a pretty traditional Thanksgiving dinner - turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green peans, pumpkin pie. But we always give it a twist and I do like to offer up some Greek appetizers for a little Mediterranean touch, although I'm the first to look for an easy shortcut, given all the other cooking to do on this busy day!

Here are three easy recipes that I shared earlier this year and which I think will come in handy with the start of the holiday food festivities - enjoy!

yogurt dip

A basic yogurt sauce that you can easily turn to a tzatziki 

This is one of my favorite dips/sauces, it has an amazing taste, it's nutritious, high in protein and it's healthy. You can eat it straight, with crackers or pita chips, or dip your veggies in it.

The biggest secret to a tasty yogurt dip is to incorporate a lot of olive oil until  a smooth, silky flavor and texture are established and the acidic yogurt taste is gone. I usually prepare it by mixing together a 250 ml container of FAGE 5% Greek yogurt (the 2% works equally well), 4-5 tbsps of Tragano Greek Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a clove of garlic (crushed), and a touch of salt. With that as a base, you can add diced cucumber and dill and make a flavorful tzatzíki, the Greek mezé that we eat with everything. Or you can just add some of Sparoza’s cooking blends - my personal favorite is the 15 Greek Herbs and Seeds, for an even more flavorful dip for your veggies, crackers and pita chips.

An eggplant purée or melitzanosaláta

You can find this Greek classic in a jar, thanks to  Elli & Manos Aubergine and Peppers Greek Flavor Burst, a tasty, clean alternative without a hint of additives or chemicals. If you've got extra time to make it from scratch, just wash a few eggplants and poke them with a fork. Put them under the grill until the skin becomes dark and detaches from the pulp. Once they are cooked, you cut them in half and you spoon the pulp into a bowl. Add a clove of garlic (crushed), lemon, chopped flat parsley, and 3-4 tbsp of Tragano Greek Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Mix everything together until you have a nice spread to enjoy with your other mezé.

tyrokafteri in a bowl with pitta chips

A spicy feta dip called tyrokafterí

Tyrokafterí is another favorite that you can eat on its own or pair with grilled meats or as a sandwich spread with your turkey leftovers, and it is super easy to put together.

Mix with a fork a package of crumbled feta with 2-3 tablespoons of Tragano Greek Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 3-4 tablespoons of Elli & Manos Flaming Red Pepper Greek Flavor Burst.  That's it - a spicy, flavorful spread that is really versatile.

You can find this, and other easy-to-follow, video recipes on our  Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan YouTube channel.

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