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A Light Citrus Spoon Sweet Dessert with Greek Yogurt and Gelatin

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A Light Citrus Spoon Sweet Dessert with Greek Yogurt and Gelatin

Remember that shrub I made with the Citrus products? Well, if you made it, you'll have plenty of citrus peel left over in your fridge, and it would be a pity to throw it away. After all, the Citrus Chios spoon sweets are made with the best citrus fruit the island of Chios has to offer, hence the aromatic and true flavors. You'll have seen on our social media feeds that fans add them to their yogurt and even make cocktails with the marmalades! You'd be surprised by the twist and the flavor, but that will be another blog post, I think.

Going back to these citrus beauties that were sitting in my fridge, I was scratching my head to find a nice way to use them, something that would be a crowd pleaser at home and not require too much prep. And then I had a throwback into my childhood when my mom, and many Greek moms in the 1970s, discovered Jello desserts. But of course, they made them with delicious Greek yogurt and fruits, which made for an even fresher appearance and texture. I asked a couple of friends back in Greece what they remembered, since it had been years since I'd seen these kinds of deserts, and I also took a look online. There were all kinds of recipes for this summery, low-calorie, guilt-free dessert but I refused to mix up all the fruit, yogurt and gelatin, like several recipes did (I'm still a designer at heart and love the visual as much as the taste when I cook!). Take a look at what I came up with, playing with layers of opaque and transparent gelatin, you might want to make some to contrast all that 4th of July red-white-and-blue!


Ingredients for Greek yogurt & gelatin dessert

2 packs of lemon-flavored gelatin

2 glasses of hot water

2 glasses of cold water

1 jar of Citrus Bergamot Spoon Sweet sliced in smaller pieces

1  7oz/200gr tub of Fage Greek Yogurt (full fat, 5% or 2% but NOT fat free)

Make the Greek yogurt & gelatin dessert

Prepare one pack of lemon gelatin according to the package instructions and let it cool for a few minutes. Whisk in the yogurt and pour the mixture into glasses, making sure to fill them up to the middle. You can also pour into a single mold, filling only halfway. Put it in the fridge for at least two hours or overnight.

Prepare the second pack of lemon gelatin according to the package instructions, cool for a few minutes and then pour on top of the chilled yogurt gelatin. Add the strained pieces of the bergamot from the spoon sweet to decorate as you'd like. Put in the fridge for another two hours or overnight.

Serve cold and enjoy!

PS If you don't want to use flavored gelatin, you can prepare your desert with unflavored gelatin and add the syrup of the spoon sweet to sweeten it. It will be an all-natural flavorful dessert!

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