The Zelos Greek Holiday Gift Guide

The Zelos Greek Holiday Gift Guide- Gifts from Greek Women

October marks National Women's Small Business Month - what better time to share our Zelos Greek Holiday Gift Guide, where you can find a variety of gifts made by small businesses owned by Greek women! 

We've been showcasing over the past year these women's talents in a special section of our blog, Greek Women in Business. Inspired by a passion and love for their Greek heritage and a strong creative vein, they craft herbs, food, books, art, jewelry, candles...you name it! And what better time to appreciate their work than during the holiday gifting season. 

Enjoy this selection of our favorite Holiday Gifts from this eclectic group of women in business and we hope you'll support them as we do. 

Just to be clear, we are not paid for these listings and we won't get any sort of commission if you buy from these intrepid women entrepreneurs....that's not what we're about! Instead, we want to share with you some of our favorite discoveries during our Zelos journey, products from a thriving community of Greek women-owned businesses that we so admire.

Gift a Stress-Relieving Herbal Tea from Greek Superherbs 

Greek Superherbs stress tea

Our very own Eleftheria crafts her Greek Superherbs loose-leaf herbal tea blends, inspired by Greek nature. She's worked with Harvard researchers on these 100% natural, caffeine-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and ethically sourced blends. They're antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory & high potency. With lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm, the Stress blend will help calm your mind and soothe your body.

Buy the Greek Superherbs Stress Tea here

Gift Natalie Bakopoulos' novel, Scorpionfish

Natalie Bakopoulos' second novel, Scorpionfish, tells the story of a young woman who goes back to Greece and strikes up an unlikely friendship with her neighbor, a retired ship captain. A contemporary Greek story and a Zelos favorite read - meet Natalie, the author, in our blog post.

Gift Natalie Bakopoulos Scorpionfish

Gift GREEK CHRISTMAS Cookies & Holiday Desserts

Christmas cookies & holiday recipes from Zelos Greek Artisan

Be the first to introduce your friends to the year's hottest Christmas cookies & Holiday desserts. Get easy, delicious recipes and start baking today! Learn how to make delicious melomakárona (traditional Greek Christmas cookies with honey), kourabiédes with almonds, juicy baklavá that will impress everyone at your holiday table, don’t forget, thanksgiving is coming up, and more! Extra bonus recipe of vasilopita, the Greek New Year's Eve bread and the history behind it.

Download your free ebook and start baking!

Gift a wellness candle from Yia.mas

Yia Mas is a lifestyle brand and workshop series inspired by the traditions of wellness and self-inquiry embedded in Hellenic culture. Their candle collection joins Yia Mas conscious objects, designed to help you live with greater presence and ease. The candles are made with all-natural wax, organic cotton wicks, and hand-poured with love in Greece. Read about Kristina, the woman behind Yia Mas, on our blog.

Buy Yia.mas candles here.

Gift The Ultimate Greek Artisan Starter Kit Gift Basket from Zelos

The Ultimate Greek Artisan Starter Kit, Premium Greek Food Gift Box

Our best-selling gift box includes one product from each of our carefully selected Greek Artisans, two of whom, Effie from Sparoza and Elli from Elli & Manos, run women-owned companies...and most of the Citrus team is women, too! The beautifully wrapped gift basket includes a Philippos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tragano Greek Organic Pitted Kalamata OlivesSparoza 15 Greek Herbs and Seeds, Agrozimi Egg & Milk Hilopites Traditional Greek PastaElli & Manos Greek Flavor Bursts Tomato & Garlic and a jar of Citrus Handmade Chian Tangerine Marmalade. Gift wrapping and free shipping are included in price.

Buy The Ultimate Greek Artisan Starter Kit Gift Basket.

Gift an evil eye lucky bracelet from the Hellenic Aesthetic

We found the perfect evil eye bracelet, dainty, beautiful and made in Greece with love. You can buy it at the Hellenic Aesthetic, a jewelry and lifestyle shop that embodies the pace and ethos of Greece. Founded in 2017 by Marianthi Vlachos, a second generation Greek-American, the brand offers a selection of Greece-based designers clothing, bags, jewelry and more. Learn more about Marianthi Vlachos on our blog.

Buy the Hellenic Aesthetic Evil Eye bracelet here.

Gift Greek Christmas Cookies from Mastiha Bakery

Melomakarona, are the most iconic Greek Christmas cookies together with kourambiedes, and you'll find them in nearly every Greek home during the holidays. If you don't feel like making them yourself, buy the authentic treats from Mastiha Bakery, started by Katerina Georgalas to honor her ancestors and to share a slice of Greece with her Washington, D.C. community. You can read more about Katerina and what drives her on our blog.

Buy Melomakarona from Mastiha Bakery

Gift a cookbook from Mina Stone

Shop Mina Stone Cookbooks

Mina Stone started as a fashion designer and became a professional chef and cookbook author. Her books Cooking for Artists and Lemon Love and Olive Oil have become favorites with the Zelos team, touching as they do on our love of art and appreciation for a grandmother's inspiration.

Shop Mina Stone Cookbooks here

Gift the best-selling Gourmet Dipping Oil Set from Zelos

The Zelos dipping olive oil set, Gourmet Gift Basket

An organic olive oil as gorgeous as it tastes and a potent selection of 15 Greek Herbs & Seeds - this dynamic duo from Philippos Hellenic Goods and Sparoza  is the ultimate dipping combination. The stylish glass bottle, clean design lines and practical non-drip spout make for an ideal finishing oil. Paired with the whimsical design of Sparoza's fragrant cooking blend, this healthy gift packs anti-oxidents, minerals, and anti-inflammatories with a premium designer touch. What better way to show a little love through food?! It comes gift-wrapped in a stylish white, beribboned box with information cards and the stories of our Artisans.

Buy the best-selling Gourmet Dipping Oil Set

Gift a resort dress or men's shirt from Selini for your next vacation

Selini, "moon" in Greek, was founded by sisters Candace and Christianna, who like to talk about their own spirituality and how it influences their material style.  Their message is simply this—allow Selini to introduce you to the radiance of your own moon. You'll love their tech downloads & music playlists, too!

Buy Greek inspired resort clothing

Gift Greece-inspired prints from the Akia Shop

The Zelos Greek Holiday Gift Guide

Maria Madonna Constantinides has put together a playful collection of whimsically-designed cards and original art & prints will remind you of Greece with a smile. 

Shop the Akia Shop collection here

Gift Soma + Soul Skincare

Gift Soma + Soul Skincare

Soma + Soul was created by Alexia to bring clean beauty products formulated and crafted in Greece. Inspired by a story of her grandmother's soap, she has developed simple products designed to promote self-care and truly clean beauty.

Buy Soma + Soul skinkare here.

Gift a Mastic Face cleanser from Fele

Fele mastiha based cosmetics

Handmade on our beloved Greek island of Chios, Fēlē, which means kiss in Greek, is a cleanser inspired by the legendary beauty properties of resin from the mastic trees only found on Chios. This unique product supports the Chios Gum Mastic Growers Association that is working so hard to preserve this ancient tradition.

Shop the Fēlē face cleanser here

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