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Celebrate Mother's Day with a cocktail-tea party!

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Celebrate Mother's Day with a cocktail tea party

We have been so busy with Greek Easter that we kind of forgot that Mother's Day is just around the corner! Some of our favorite tips for a Mother's Day Brunch and my mom's handmade Greek pie with dough made from scratch featured in past blog posts. But this year we decided to try something different and celebrate the moms in our lives with a cocktail party, complete with tasty, and easy-to-make, meze-appetizers - read on for the recipes and enjoy!

A cocktail with a Greek Mountain Tea twist

Enjoy my friend Onassis' delicate and aromatic cocktail with Mountain Tea. He  dedicated this to his grandmother, who'd serve him a cup of Greek herbal tea and listen to his stories of college life.
A cocktail named Onassis with Greek mountain tea sideritis scardica from Sparoza and Zelos Greek Artisan


A Chian tangerine champagne cocktail...from Little Rock!

Read all about our Arkansas-based friends Dina and Bruce, who created a successful food blog, The Perks of Being Us. They came up with a delicious champagne and tangerine cocktail, refreshing and flavorful and just perfect for Mother's Day brunches and cocktail parties.
A Chian tangerine champagne cocktail for mothers day from citrus Chios and zelos authentic greek artisan


Easy..and tasty...Spinach & Feta Filo Shells

It wouldn't be a Greek party with that cornerstone of Greek flavors, spinach and feta. These 5-minute, 2 or 3 ingredient spinach & feta appetizers always hit the spot and are easy to whip up for any last-minute party!

Greek phyllo appetizers with spinach and feta from Elli & Manos and Zelos Greek Artisan


Maria's Homemade Meatballs

You all know that I love to play with our Artisans' products and one of my favorite hacks was using Sparoza's Greek Farmer Salad Mix to liven up my usual homemade meatballs. This is a good recipe to make ahead of time - like many Greek dishes, these keftedákia always taste better the day after!

Three authentically Greek Meze appetizers

It also wouldn't be a Greek party without classic vegetarian dips served with pita bread! Enjoy our tyrokafterí spicy feta dip,  tzatziki aromatic yogurt dip and an authentic melitzanosalata eggplant dip with your Mother's Day cocktails.

Three authentically Greek Meze appetizers from Zelos Greek Artisan for Mother's Day parties


Greek breakfast pizzas with spinach and feta

These delicious spinach & feta pizzas are made in a second with store-bought dough and Elli & Manos' all-natural spinach & feta spread. Let your imagination run wild and get creative - you can make them bite-sized for cocktail parties or in larger serving sizes for Mother's Day brunches. It's a great way to sneak in a little healthy spinach for the kids in the party, too!

Greek Mother's Day breakfast pizzas with spinach and feta from Elli & Manos and Zelos Greek Artisan


10 colorful meals for Spring

Need to feed a bigger crowd on Mother's Day? Here are 10 easy crowd pleasing recipes that add some bright red color to your table, thanks to real flame-roasted red peppers from Tragano Greek Organics. These tasty & healthy recipes can be served as hearty appetizers or as a light meal. 

10 colorful dishes for Mother's Day or spring cocktail parties from Zelos Greek Artisan

4 Easy Citrus desserts

All moms deserve a little sweet treat so try these four delicious citrus based desserts, including my own flourless chocolate cake, using the fragrant handmade preserves from Citrus Scent of Memory. 

4 easy desserts for Mother's Day celebrations with handmade desserts from Citrus Chios


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