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Tasty Cocktails to ring in the New Year

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Manhattan cocktail with citrus chios sour cherry fruit preserved in syrup

Zelos got an early Christmas present with a fresh batch of products, including the delicious Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet (vissino) from our friends at Citrus Scent of Memory. One of the more creative ideas we got from our community was to use the cherries in a classic Manhattan cocktail! Zealous fans Anu & Alex tossed out those old-fashioned maraschino cherries in favor of the all-natural goodness of this traditional Greek treat, and the result makes for a delicious way to end the year!

Another cocktail using Citrus treats came to us last year from our Cincinnati-based food photographer friend, Elizabeth Lowry. She took the syrup from the Triple Citrus Fruit Marmalade and boiled it with water to make a fragrant citrus syrup that blends beautifully with vodka and club soda. Check out her recipe here. I especially love her fresh rosemary garnish! 

sparkling cocktail with Citrus Chios tangerine handmade marmalade

Another sparkling cocktail that's perfect for this week comes to us from our friend, Christina Lobo, who shakes up vodka (or gin, if you prefer), triple sec, Citrus Chian Tangerine Marmalade, and ice cubes and then tops it off with soda water. If you're lucky enough to be in a warm weather climate this New Year's Eve, then this refreshing drink is for you!

Renaissance cocktail using Citrus Chios handmade tangerine marmaladeBut the cocktail that started it all came straight from the Overproof bar on the Greek island of Chios, where the Citrus Scent of Memory company first began. Read about Giannis & Christos and how they combine Chios' heritage of tangerine and mastic (mastiha) in to an award-winning Renaissance cocktail. This was the creative spark that generated so many delicious ideas from our fans. Here's to an equally creative 2021, with many more new ideas from our community!

Do you have any fun, zealous cocktails to share? Send us a note or tag us @zelosgreekartisan when you post on social media and we'll share in our next round of recipes!

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