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Traveling to Greece: Athens!

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Tips to visit Athens, Greece

Kaló Mina (Happy Month), with health, love, kindness, and lots of travels! 

This is my first Greek Postcard of the month, featuring one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, Athens....yes, Athens!  

This sprawling, bustling capital city can sometimes feel like an assault on the senses, but there are so many hidden gemsof colors, fragrances, cultural treasures things to do...too many for one postcard to do this vibrant city justice! Just make sure you visit the Acropolis & the Acropolis Museum, truly one of the most important museums in the world, and walk around the neighborhoods of Pláka and Anafiótika.  Every little paved road there has so many shops with treats like traditional spoon sweets of vyssino, bergamot, and tangerine; handmade pasta like hilopites, kritharaki, and striftaria; and plenty of bulk herbs & spices that are so beneficial for your health. 

My mission at Zelos is to bring these authentic foods to your door with just one click! I want you all to experience the wonderful flavors & fragrances of my country, even if you can't make it over there. But I do hope you can someday! 

Here's to a happy & healthy April for us all!

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