Agrozimi Spelt Orzo - Kritharaki

Classic Greek orzo takes on a robust twist thanks to the full nutty flavor of spelt flour (triticum spelta or dinkel). A long-ago ancestor of today’s commercial wheat, spelt is more easily digested than common wheat, since its gluten has more water-soluble proteins, and it’s higher in protein than typical pasta. Spelt is also an excellent source of vitamins & minerals.

Agrozimi is a third-generation family business that makes pasta with a long and slow process - top-quality flour is kneaded with no added salt, mixed with the fresh spring water from the northern Greek village of Arávissoss, and then shaped through bronze dies. They slowly air-dry the pasta at low temperatures to retain its unmatched flavor and nutritional value. Try spelt orzo for a tasty accompaniment to any tomato-based dish or in your favorite soup. Importantly, there are no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors nor colorants.

We love spelt kritharáki as a more robust alternative to rice and a perfect base for your favorite vegan dishes. The unique shape gives a firm texture unlike mass-produced orzo. The 500gr. package translates to 1.1lbs., 10% more than the standard pasta packs. While there is a suggested cooking time on the pack, try it for yourself and cook to taste, especially if you like your pasta “al dente”. 

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Ingredients: spelt flour.


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Why Agrozimi?

We chose Agrozimi for brothers Kostas and Yiorgos Martavaltzoglou’s love of tradition, while still daring to experiment with flavors and techniques. We were also impressed by their state-of-the-art facility and commitment to high-quality product standards, all that show in their exceptional pasta.

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