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Gourmet Gift Basket: Greek Gourmand Gift Extravaganza | 12 items

One of our most precious gourmet gift baskets includes Greek food favorites, reimagined for the discerning modern palette. Elegantly designed olive oil and tea, rare flavors like bergamot and sea fennel, and classic gourmet delights like fig & walnut and citrus marmalade…all sure to please any gourmand. These classic flavors of Greece come together in a beautifully gift-wrapped box with ten organic or all-natural, responsibly sourced, products.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Philippos Hellenic Goods - a beautifully-designed bottle with a second non-drop spout to allow a controlled flow of this USDA-certified organic oil; it's intense fruity flavor and delicate almond aftertaste and color make for an ideal finishing oil for any dish.

Egg and Milk Hilopites from Agrozimi - made with freshly pasteurized eggs and milk, not powdered!  We love hilopítes served on a platter, mixed with fresh veggies and sautéed shrimp - a wonderful light family meal. Or eat them the traditional way with melted butter and grated cheese, simple but delicious.

Handmade Pearl Couscous with Squid Ink from Agrozimi - made with the finest durum wheat semolina and a touch of pasteurized squid ink for a subtly-flavored and distinctively-colored dish.

Elli & Manos Greek Flavor Bursts Tomato & Feta is a perfectly balanced mix of tomato, authentic feta cheese made from sheep and goat milk, and extra virgin olive oil. We love the thick, spreadable texture as a rich base for pizza, bruschetta, as a tapenade or rich dip, and as a rich pasta sauce.

Sea Fennel from Tragano Greek Organics - a rare nutritious plant that is sustainably cultivated and packed in an all-natural brine of water, organic vinegar and sea salt, this is a lighter alternative to capers that can be enjoyed on salads, over baked fish, atop tomato soup or in ceviche.

Handcrafted Cooking Blend with Spices and Orange Zest from Sparoza - a sweetly spicy concentrated mix with homemade orange zest, perfect for tomato-based dishes and sauces; blend with olive oil and salt for a flavorful rub or sprinkle on your lentil soup or in crockpot stews for an Anatolian touch.

Elli & Manos Fig & Walnut Gourmet Spread - a sweetly savory blend of dried figs & walnuts, with a touch of cinnamon and balsamic vinegar that can be enjoyed on cheese & charcuterie platters, as an accompaniment to roast meats or to stuff chicken breasts, even on breakfast toast.

Handmade Bergamot Spoon Sweet from Citrus - a uniquely bittersweet preserved fruit peel, which many know from its oil that infuses Earl Grey tea; Made with aromatic pieces of fruit floating in a simple, all-natural syrup of sugar, water, and lemon juice, it makes an elegant topping on cheesecake, panna cotta or ice cream or enjoyed as a spoonful with a cup of coffee or tea.

The Shaman Tea Loose Leaf Black Tea & Spices from Sparoza - freshly ground spices like cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger & peppercorns are blended with the highest quality black tea to offer a multi-sensorial experience - relaxing, soothing, and invigorating at the same time! 

Cretan Honey from Tragano Greek Organics - a unique raw honey drawn from the island's wild thyme, sage, mountain tea, and Cretan ebony. Our organic honey is traditionally extracted to ensure that it remains high in antioxidants, trace minerals & phenols. With a full body, light color and high nutritional value, this organic honey from Crete is a true wellness gift and an integral part of the healthy Mediterranean Diet.

Fig Roll with Dark Chocolate and Orange from Kumilio - a guilt-free chocolate snack, thanks to its fiber & minerals. It's an all-natural addition to gourmet cheeseboards, meat & charcuterie platters, fresh fruit platters and dessert trays. Made with Greek dried figs, quality dark chocolate and real orange flavoring, this fig roll is a healthy dessert in the healthy Mediterranean Diet.

Orange Marmalade with Bitter Orange & Grapefruit from Citrus Chios - a handmade marmalade with a refreshing blend of Orange, Bitter Orange, and Grapefruit. Its balance of sweet and tart flavors take it beyond the typical orange marmalade you may have tried before. A versatile addition to your pantry, this marmalade works well at the breakfast table, on a cheeseboard, or as a topping to your favorite dessert.


All of our carefully curated gift baskets include FREE shipping & gift wrapping and come in a stylish white, beribboned box that is shipped within our standard craft box together with recipe cards and the stories of our Artisans.


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