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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Manaki) from Oleosophia


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The Manaki Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Oleosophia is the perfect choice for olive oil enthusiasts looking for a limited-edition, hand-picked product. Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, Oleosophia's early harvest Manaki monovarietal offers a mild flavor, well-balanced between bitterness and pungency, rich fruitiness and green aromas. The World Olive Center for Health awarded this oil their Health Claim Certificate & 2020 Olympia Award for its exceptionally high phenolic content. An integral part of the Mediterranean Diet, Oleosophia's award-winning Manaki olive oil is ideal for everyday use and the elegant design makes for a special gourmet food gift. 

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Oleosophia's limited-edition premium olive oil gives a unique flavor and nutrition boost to so many dishes. Drizzle over your breakfast eggs, lunchtime soups and salads, main dishes like pasta, roasted meats, grilled and steamed vegetables and so much more. Extra-virgin olive oil gives all your food an extra dose of polyphenols & anti-oxidants for heart-healthy meals.


100% Manaki varietal Greek extra virgin olive oil


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Meet Marianna, Olive Oil Sommelier & Oleosophia Founder