Values and Philosophy

Our goal at Zēlos Authentic Greek Artisan is to bring to our customers an authentic Greek culinary experience, while helping small entrepreneurs in Greece develop their business in the US to grow and prosper.  We want you to experience the true tastes and flavors of modern Greece that go beyond the clichés, to enjoy the same genuine flavors that we grew up with, and to see, as we do, food as an act of love, synonymous with fun and happiness. We aspire to bring Greek food, and the well-known benefits of the Greek diet, into our customers lives; we take it upon ourselves to bring you the best Greece has to offer. 

How we do this? As Greeks now living abroad, yet with strong ties to Greece and an intense desire to help small entrepreneurs and farmers develop and prosper, we look for the best our homeland has to offer.  We believe that small-batch artisanal food is a tastier and healthier alternative to industrially-processed foods and therefore only offer organic or all-natural artisanal foods without a hint of additives or preservatives.

Importantly, at Zēlos we want our Artisans to be the protagonists of their own stories. We get to know them and their challenges, handpicking those small businesses carefully and responsibly so that we can choose those that honor their craft with zēlos, the Greek word for zeal.  We look for Artisans that support their local communities and that embody contemporary Greek culinary excellence.