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Favorite Preserves Gift Basket: Spoon Sweets for Toppings & Desserts | 3 Items

Let the sweet Greek summer inspire your dessert ideas with our trio of all-natural spoon sweets that make perfect toppings. We offer three different flavors to satisfy all taste buds: a handmade tangerine peel spoon sweet, a limited edition bergamot peel spoon sweet, and everyone's childhood favorite, pitted sour cherries (víssino) spoon sweet, each floating in an all-natural syrup. Forget about artificial sweeteners and elevate your ice cream or yogurt with these authentic Greek flavors. You'll also adore them on overnight chia and oatmeal. Not to mention, they can brighten up all kinds of desserts and cakes.


Bergamot Spoon Sweet Handmade by Citrus Chios - a uniquely bittersweet preserved fruit peel, (its oil infuses Earl Grey tea), this traditional dessert makes an elegant topping on cheesecake, panna cotta or ice cream or enjoyed as a spoonful on a dessert plate with a cup of coffee or tea.

Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet Handmade by Citrus Chios - these pitted whole cherries float in an all-natural syrup of sugar, lemon juice & water, with no preservatives or additives. Enjoy this iconic treat as a little spoonful on a dessert plate or as a topping on thick Greek yogurt, cheesecake or in a Black Forest cake.

Tangerine Peel Spoon Sweet Handmade by Citrus Chios - is substituted with Peach Marmalade with Watermelon & Bitter Almond Flavor - mix this refreshing blend of peach marmalade, watermelon juice and a hint of natural bitter almond flavoring into chia pudding, oatmeal, yogurt, atop your pancakes or toast to bring Greek summer to your mornings all year long.


This curated combo makes a delicious gourmet gift, too, with our free gift-wrapping. We pack it in a stylish white, beribboned box with recipes and the stories of our Artisans, all shipped within our standard craft box.


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