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Herbal Tea & Spoon Sweet Gift Set

Combine a calming herbal tea that blends carefully selected herbs, flowers & roots with a spoonful of the all-natural, unique flavor of Chian tangerine peel. Ah! Let the healing interlude begin! Enjoy it yourself, or give it as a foodie gift!


Avaris Handcrafted Loose Leaf Greek Herbal Tea from Sparoza -  a wise selection of herbs, flowers, and roots, with no caffeine, that can be enjoyed day and night; opening the sachet and pouring it into the beautifully designed tin will feel like walking into a fragrant herb garden!

Handmade Chian Tangerine Spoon Sweet from Citrus - this award-winning traditional dessert is made on the Greek island of Chios, with aromatic pieces of fruit floating in a simple, all-natural syrup of sugar, water, and lemon juice.


This curated combo makes a delicious gourmet gift, too, with our free gift-wrapping. We pack it in a stylish white, beribboned box with recipes and the stories of our Artisans, all shipped within our standard craft box.


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