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Traveling to Greece: Nafplio, the Venetians "Naples of the East"

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Traveling to Greece: Nafplio, the Venetians "Naples of the East"

This week's armchair travel? Greece's first capital, the historic city of Nafplio, that the Venetians called the Naples of the East! At only an hour-and-a-half from Athens, Nafplio is a popular weekend getaway. There are so many things to do and see, besides the amazing food and coffee that you can enjoy in every square. For day-trippers from Athens, they should make sure to hit these two must-see sights:


Nafplio Palamidi castle

One of the most well-preserved fortresses in Greece, Palamidi offers spectacular views of the city and lots to explore inside, including the dungeon hole prison of Greek Revolutionary hero, Theodoros Koloktronis...a small hole that will give you the chills!  Wear your hiking shoes because you will have to climb 999 steps, or so they say!

Bourtzi Castle

Nafplio Bourtzi Castle

The Venetians built this beautiful castle on an island in 1473 and called it Castello dello Soglio, meaning Castle of the Throne. The Ottomans who came later called it "Bourtzi", which means fortress, and that's the name that's used today. Can you imagine watching the sunset from there?! 

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