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Greek Holiday Gourmet Gift Basket

Indulge in the authentic flavors of Greece with our Greek Summer Gourmet Gift Basket. Filled with all-natural, sun-kissed products, this basket brings the Mediterranean diet to any table, perfect for spicing up lazy summer days. Whether you're dreaming of a trip to Greece or cherishing memories from one, you can bring the taste of Greece home with this exceptional sweet & savory gift basket. Beautifully gift-wrapped and with free shipping, this box makes a unique gift for graduation parties, hostess appreciation, summer holidays and more. 


Spicy Dip with Florina Peppers from Elli & Manos - with 60% peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and chili, this dip is versatile and so easy to use straight from the jar!

Eggplant Dip from Elli & Manos: Aubergine & Pepper Flavor Burst - an aromatic eggplant dip from Elli & Manos is a perfectly balanced mix of eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, and red peppers, with no added water. As versatile as it is delicious, it's our Mediterranean alternative to sour cream or guacamole dips.

Dried Figs from Kimi, Greece are crafted by Kumilio using traditional techniques from the island of Evia. Kimi figs, a unique Product of Designated Origin (PDO) are softer than other dried figs, thanks to the unique microclimate and soil of the region that give the figs a thinner skin. These award-winning Greek figs are high in soluble fiber, minerals like potassium, magnesium & calcium, and antioxidants.

Bergamot Spoon Sweet Handmade by Citrus Chios - a uniquely bittersweet preserved fruit peel, (its oil infuses Earl Grey tea), this traditional dessert makes an elegant topping on cheesecake, panna cotta or ice cream or enjoyed as a spoonful on a dessert plate with a cup of coffee or tea.

Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet Handmade by Citrus Chios - these pitted whole cherries float in an all-natural syrup of sugar, lemon juice & water, with no preservatives or additives. Enjoy this iconic treat as a little spoonful on a dessert plate or as a topping on thick Greek yogurt, cheesecake or in a Black Forest cake.

Avaris Handcrafted Loose Leaf Greek Herbal Tea from Sparoza -  a wise selection of herbs, flowers, and roots, with no caffeine, that can be enjoyed day and night; opening the sachet and pouring it into the beautifully designed tin will feel like walking into a fragrant herb garden!

Sparoza - Greek Farmer's Salad Mix - Sprinkle over tomatoes & cucumbers, add authentic feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil, and take yourself to a Greek summer dream!

Sparoza - Greek Granny's Tzatziki Mix - Add a teaspoon to high protein Greek yogurt for an authentically healthy tzatziki dip that everyone will love.

Sparoza - Greek Shepherd's Souvlaki & BBQ Mix - Transform your backyard BBQ into a Greek taverna with this fragrant blend for any grilled meat.


This curated combo makes a delicious gourmet gift, too, with our free gift-wrapping. We pack it in a stylish white, beribboned box with recipes and the stories of our Artisans, all shipped within our standard craft box.


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