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Traveling to Greece: Mani, Peloponese

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Traveling tips to Mani Peninsula in Greece

This once-isolated peninsula in the southern Peloponnese had a reputation as one of the fiercest regions of Greece, full of pirates & was like the Wild West, you didn't dare go there! But now it's a real pleasure to walk through the winding cobblestone streets of Mániand you'll  find many picturesque tavernas in between the traditional stone tower homes in the walled village. 

The dishes that you should definitely try and for which Máni is famous are Maniátiko síglino (smoked pork), celery with síglino, hilopítes (traditional Greek noodles) with mizíthra cheese and scrambled eggs,rooster or chicken in wine sauce, trahaná, kritharáki (orzo), and of course some warm sourdough bread to dip in those wonderful sauces.

An American in Mani

Our friend and marketing consultant, Jean Fleming, now lives in Mani. We often "meet" with her via Zoom and she makes us jealous with her stories of life in this tranquil rural region of the Peloponnese! Here are some of her favorite pics of the region - start dreaming of summer!

Traveling tips to Mani Peninsula in Greece

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